Rev. Carl R. Hewitt

Memorial Bench

at The Arthur Findlay College

Stansted, England


When I first attended the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship, I was very impressed not only with the institution, but the intensity of psychic energy, which abounds everywhere on the grounds. On my second trip, last summer I ordered a memorial bench to be placed on the grounds of the College, in memory of Carl

On my trip back to the college last February I photographed the bench. I had no choice of its location. The bench was placed in the international peace garden, in a very secluded section of the grounds. I think Carl would be very pleased with its location.

Furthermore, I was reminded, (because I had forgotten that Carl always wanted a bench placed near his gravesite. Well, the cemetery would not allow that, and there is about 3000 miles between the grave and his bench, but his wish was granted. However, his wish was granted in cyberspace, which you just saw on the last page.

I think Carl would rather have his visitors admire the beautiful garden while sitting on his bench, rather than his memorial plaque in the cemetery.